Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What should I pack and how many pieces of luggage should I take?

    Comfortable, non-slip, walking shoes, small backpack, light rain gear, bathing suit, small camera and film, hat and sun protection. Neck pouches, money belts and pants with multiple pockets (to help avoid the crafty fingers of pickpockets in large centers). Padded shorts for biking. Dress tends to be tastefully casual throughout Italy. Remember to keep a cardigan or long sleeve shirt for entering churches or places of worship. No shorts or short skirts.

    Ciao Tours “highly” recommends only one moderately sized piece of luggage that you can pull and one carry-on bag per person. Check with your airlines for weight restrictions. Domestic or European flights have strict weight restrictions compared to International flights.

  • What type of travel insurance do I need?

    Medical insurance is mandatory for all Ciao Tours packages. We highly recommend trip cancellation & interruption coverage.  Please contact your insurance provider for a quote.

  • What currency does Italy use? Can I use my Canadian bank card in Italy?

    The currency in Italy is the Euro. You can withdraw cash from most bank machines with your debit or credit card, just look for a matching “Plus+” logo on the back of your card and the bank machine.

  • How do I make a call from North America to Italy?

    Dial the international code 011, then the country code 39, and then the 10-digit phone number of the place you are trying to reach in Italy.  Example: 011-39-339-123-4567

  • How do I make a call from Italy to North America?

    Dial the international code 001, then the 10-digit phone number of the place you are trying to reach in North America.  Example: 001-250-426-8088

  • Do I need a Visa to enter Italy?

    No.  A valid Canadian Passport or USA Passport is all you require for a stay of up to 3 months. Ensure your passport will not be expiring before or during your trip.

  • Do I need to leave a gratuity or tip?

    Approximately 10% in restaurants is customary.  If menu states “servizio incluso” do not leave tip. For guides & drivers, a small gratuity is always appreciated if the service meets or exceeds your expectations.

  • I heard that it costs more to sit down at a cafe, is this true?

    Yes, there is a slight service charge for sitting down to drink or eat at a local cafe or bar as they are called in Italy. If you want to avoid this extra charge you can drink or eat standing up at the counter.

  • How do I hail a taxi?

    Taxis are not hailed in Italy.  In fact, there is a law against this. You must find a designated taxi stand usually located outside of the airport, train station or bus station and then take the first one available in line. You may  call a taxi to pick you up at your hotel, but be aware that they will start the meter from the time the request is placed.  Therefore the meter will be running by the time you get into the Taxi.  Extra charges will be applied if the driver must assist you with your bags.

  • Is it difficult to drive in Italy?

    No not at all. Italians drive on the right side of the road (same as North America) and rely on landmarks instead of street signs. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is always an asset, however, they are not mandatory. Ciao Tours provides general driving directions in all final itineraries.

  • Do I need an international drivers license?

    Yes, to drive in Italy you must carry an international driver’s license.

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