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Arlene Schroh

Over the past 20 years Ciao Tours has built a reputation as a boutique Tour Operator specializing solely in Italy. “Do what you know how to do, and do it well!” This team of Canadian and Italian women has been together for many years because Italy, and Canada, is where we live and raise our families. We have succeeded in Italy by building relationships based on trust and dedication, which in turn makes our clients experience in Italy the very best! We pride ourselves on knowing the family ran wineries and Agritourisms intimately and are eager to show our clients the warm and friendly hospitality they have to offer. I personally invite you to Italy to become part of our family. Arlene Schroh Buon Viaggio!

Arlene Schroh, Owner/Director

Guest Reviews

The highest compliment you can give Ciao Tours is to recommend us to your friends, family & business associates. "I nostri clienti sono sempre parte della nostra grande famiglia…grazie!”

Dear Ciao Tours

After careful research and a strong recommendation from friends we chose Ciao Tours for our long anticipated trip to Italy.

The strengths of this organization appeared in the early conversations with Director Arlene Schroh.

Arlene listened carefully to the interests, enthusiasms and limitations we conveyed to her. She then designed a plan and modified it as our conversations continued. There was always the opportunity to let ideas settle in and change with circumstances.

About 4 weeks before our departure we received a booklet outlining our trip with great detail.

Lots of additional information and recommendations were also included for us to prepare all aspects of our trip.

Once in Italy we encountered the extraordinary array of resources Ciao Tours put at our disposal.

These included: a personal and very accessible local contact . carefully chosen, conveniently located and comfortable accommodation . courteous, competent and very knowledgeable drivers . well prepared tour guides.

All were there to welcome us and orient us to the magnificence of Italy.

We were then free to enjoy our tour at the pace that felt comfortable and enjoyable to us.

A delightful trip!

Mary & Hazel

Hazel Lambert and Mary Bird, Toronto, Ont, April, 2018

Hello again Arlene.

I would like to say thanks from both of us to you and to Laura and to the rest of your crew for setting us up with an excellent trip.  The itinerary worked perfectly for us—the pace and logistics were just about right.  It turns out we probably should have added a day each to Venice and Florence to have an easier time covering the two cities.  We will know better the next time.  And everything you planned for us came off like Swiss clockwork—drivers and guides and train schedules all came together seamlessly.  You all must be professionals at this!

As to specifics:

Hotel in Venice (Palazzo Stern) was fabulous—good location with a view on the Canal, upgraded room, great service, quality breakfast, quiet but convenient location—it was our favorite.
Hotel in Florence (Pierre)—was just ok—smallish room and a bit noisy in the night.  Breakfast ok, not great. Location was excellent, so it worked for us.
Hotel in Sorrento (Grand Riviera) was excellent.  Room was small but nice balcony and views, and the staff was superb—meals were high quality and kind of like an old-fashioned summer resort, white glove, old world service.  The facility was very nice—probably the best place in Sorrento.
Hotel in Rome (Victoria) was very nice—large comfortable room and good location in a nice part of Rome.

Your drivers were a pleasure to work with.  Francisco in Tuscany was so well-mannered and accommodating.  Cathy had him changing course and adding San Giamigamo to our day, and he took care of it easily and cheerfully. Luigi in Sorrento was tireless in taking us around (Pompeii, train transfers and a day on the Amalfi Coast). He seemed to know everyone in town and set us up with a couple of nice restaurants in Sorrento and in Ravallo.  The other drivers we didn’t get to know as well but they were fine too.

The guides were all so professional and accommodating to our interests.  Cathy really hit it off well with Lisa in Siena—she was like a friend showing us the sights in her home town, and Luca in Florence was so well versed in the history and made the city come alive with his passion for the art and architecture and the people.  We also liked Sylvania in Venice and Laura in Pompeii.  This approach for us fit very well with our interest in getting to know each place and then go on our own for the remaining time in each location.

A special word for Laura your partner—she stayed in touch constantly and performed a couple of special requests when we needed them—(e.g. embarrassingly I left my coat in the room in Florence and she had to track it down and was successful in getting it delivered to me in Sorrento). It was great to know that she was overseeing us a bit while we were in country.

So I’ll close by saying we were very satisfied Ciao customers—-we got all we asked for and more.  We will be sure to recommend you to a few of our traveling friends……

Ken & Cathy McGill, Ocean Isle Beach, NC, April, 2018

Hi Arlene, We had a GREAT time!

It was so nice to meet Laura too…. The restaurant that she took us for lunch was one of my favorites during the whole trip.

We cannot thank you all enough for the experience we had in Italy.

Sunday mass was terrific!  So memorable to have mass in Italy! Karen enjoyed everything!  The only thing that was challenging for her was all the walking. But overall, she had a great time as well.

I have to say, out tour guide from Sienna… Her name was Lisa.She was my favorite in the entire trip. And the hotel in Sorrento was so nice…. Thank you so much for the upgrade!

Thank you for everything!  We did refer your name and Ciao Tours to a few people already. Hopefully, they contact you when they are ready to make the trip to this beautiful and diversified country.

Mike & Anita Warren and family, Trabuco Canyon, CA, March, 2018

Hi Arlene,
Just a quick note to say how perfect everything was for our trip to Rome.

The guides were as near perfection as possible and Deanna, our driver, was so kind.  There is no way, especially with my limited mobility, that we could have seen what we did with the tour.

Seeing beautiful things is one thing, having someone explain the origin and meaning of what we are seeing is another level of experience altogether.

Thanks for everything,


Sarah Morris, Alabama, March, 2018